Gerbil Colors Dictionary


It is possible that you saw a gerbil on a website with a different name then the one you're used to. 

Each country seems to use different names to speak about the same color. 

I hope that this dictionary will help you. Just to make it, it helped me understand everything


Trick: Often, it can be easier to use the genetic code to identify a color on a site of a foreign language. 


For the European English names : When there is no name wrote, that means that it is the same then the American name which is used for that color. Ex: Golden Agouti is used as much in Europeen English  as American. 


For the French names: When there is nothing writing, that means that I did not find equivalent. 


Do not hesitate to write to me if you find others ones! 

I could add a german or spanish category if you want to collaborate!




(Names used on this website)

Europeen English


French Europeen

France, Belgium


Used by me, the petshop, or another contry.

A-C-E-G-P- Golden Agouti, Agouti   Agouti Brun, Marron
A-C-E-G-pp Argente golden   Cannelle Beige
aaC-E-G-P- Black   Noir Noir
aaC-E-G-pp Lilac   Lilas Gris
A-CchE-G-pp Argente Cream   Blonde Beige pâle
aaCchE-G-pp Dove   Silver, Argent, Dove Gris pâle
A-chchE-G-pp Pink Eyed White (PEW)   Albinos Blanc
A-chchE-G-P Dark Tailed White (DTW) Himalayan Himalayen Blanc à queue noire
A-C-eeG-P- Dark Eyed Honey (DEH) Sooty Fawn, Sooty Yellow Miel Algerian Fox
A-Cch/c(chm)eeG-P- Light Dark Eyed Honey      
A-Cch/c(chm)eeG-P- sp Honey Cream      
A-C-efefG-P- Schimmel   Schimmel  
A-C-efefG-P- sp Champagne      
A-C-efefG-pp Red Eyed Schimmel   Schimmel aux yeux rouges  
A-C-efefggP- ? Black Eyed White/Silver Schimmel    
A-C-eeG-pp Yellow Fox Red Eye Honey Miel aux yeux rouges  


Red Fox Saffron, Red Fox, Argente Nutmeg Safran  
aaCcheeG-pp Light Red Fox Light Argente Nutmeg    
A-C-eeggP- Polar Fox   Polaire  
A-C-eeggpp Red Eyed Polar Fox Apricot Abricot  
aaC-eeG-P- Nutmeg   Muscade  
aaC-eegg-P- Silver Nutmeg Blue Fox Blue Fox  
aac(chm)c(chm)E-G-P- Burmese   Birmane

Colorpoint black, 

Chocolate Siamese


Siamese   Siamoise

Light Colorpoint black, 

Light Burmese

A-c(chm)c(chm)E-G-P- Colorpoint Agouti   Agouti ganté  
A-c(chm)chE-G-P- Light Colorpoint Agouti      
aac(chm)chE-ggP- Colorpoint Slate   Ardoise ganté  
A-c(chm)c(chm)-E-ggP- Colorpoint Gray Agouti Pearl   Smoke(allemagne)
A-cbch-E-ggP- Light Colorpoint Gray Agouti      
aac(chm)c(chm)ee-G-P- Colorpoint Nutmeg      
aac(chm)c(chm)ee-ggP- Colorpoint Silver Nutmeg      
A-Cc(chm)E-G-pp Topaz   Topaze  
aa-Cc(chm)E-G-pp Sapphire   Saphir  
A-c(chm)c(chm)eeG-P- Black Eyed White     Colorpoint DEH
A-C-E-gg-P- Gray Agouti  

Agouti Gris, Chinchilla,

Agouti Argenté

aaC-E-ggP- Slate   Ardoise  
A-C-ddE-G-P- Dilute Agouti   Agouti Délavé Dilute black
aaC-ddE-G-P- Blue   Bleu  
A-C-ddE-ggP- ? Smoke    
aaC-ddE-ggP- ? Dilute Slate    
A-C-E-ggpp Ivory Cream, Cream White Bellied Cream Crème, Ivoire  
A-CchE-ggpp Light Ivory Cream      
aaC-E-ggpp Ruby Eyed White (REW)   Rubis  
-- sp Spotted (avec taches, général)   Panaché  
  Spotted Patched    

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